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Mohammad Jobair 

Global Warming – The End of Human Life 

When people think of global warming, they think of ice caps melting and rising sea levels, and polar bear drying. Although tragic, it’s so much more than that. Especially now, new research shows that we could be in a lot more danger due to climate change and global warming. Even though it’s such an important thing we should be wary about as a society, popular media does not really discuss this as much as it should be discussed. Since the technological revolution, Global warming has become an increasing threat, especially now that it’s in a much more vulnerable state. Global warming has been a bi-product of human existence and it has had and will continue to have adverse effects.  

To fully know and understand the effects of Global warming, we must look at what it is. Global warming is the link of increasing temperature of the earth with the trapping of greenhouse gasses. This “greenhouse effect” is when certain types of gasses get trapped in our earth’s atmosphere. They let in light, but keep the heat from escaping, like a greenhouse; hence the name: “Greenhouse Effect.” 1 The more of these greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere the warmer the temperatures will be. These gases include Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Fluorinated Gases, and Carbon Dioxide. Although the levels of greenhouse gasses have fluctuated over the course of earth’s history. Only now since humans have inhabited earth has its average greenhouse gas concentration increased. The burning of fossil fuels such as coal, natural gasses, and oil aid in the increase of natural gasses in the environment. Which can cause global warming. Infact, scientists prefer the “climate change” because it portrays the effect of greenhouse gasses more effectively. The temperature isn’t increasing all over the word all at once. It’s a shift in climate like it suggests. Although the average temperature increases, wind and ocean currents play an effect which can make hot places even hotter, and cold places even colder. This is how global warming works. 

The greenhouse effect is obviously a bad thing. But many people are confused as to what contributes to climate change. The greenhouse gasses are made up of Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Fluorinated Gases, and Carbon dioxide. When people think of Methane, they think of farts, cow farts even release Methane into the atmosphere. Even hair spray can release CFCs into the environment. Although these may seem problematic, Carbon Dioxide still makes up about 85% of the greenhouse gases, making them the biggest culprit when it comes to environment changes. It is true that carbon dioxide is important for plants as they use that to make oxygen, but we release so much carbon dioxide is has become of of the reasons the climate is changing. Since the entrapment of many greenhouse gases, the average temperature of the earth has increased. This allows many icecaps to melt. This makes the rise of sea level an actual concern for us.2  Rising sea levels could flood coastal cities, it could mean the displacement of thousands or even millions of people. The melting icecaps also mean the destruction of habitat from Penguins and Polar bears, they face serious threat of extinction due to the icecaps melting. However, these problems are just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended). Since the icecaps have been melting, it triggers even more to be melted because the icecaps aids in reflecting the suns radiation back through the atmosphere, however since the icecaps are melting into water and since water absorbs heat, it aids in the melting of even more ice. Furthermore, Methane is trapped in this ice, so if is melted, even more greenhouse gasses will be released. But the problems created are yet to be end. If these fresh water icecaps melt, it will cause the salinity of the oceans to change. This will also disrupt the density of the water and ultimately disrupt the thermohaline circulation. 3  This could change the direction of currents and ultimately changing the climates of places. 

But what does this all mean for us as people? Those hot blistering summers are going to get hotter, those cold frigid blizzards are going to get colder. Growing seasons are going to change possible shortening the amount of time you must grow plants. Also, this means an increase in natural destruction like hurricanes and tornados. We know firsthand of what can happen, a perfect example is China, where fossil fuels are burned with little restriction. China is experiencing record heatwaves, flash floods, and typhoons. They are feeling firsthand the effects of climate change. 4  Some of their major cities are living in a constant state of smog. One activist went around for a day with a vacuum cleaner and vacuumed the air and even was able to make a solid brick of carbon and other toxins. Even if you’re not a people person and are only concerned with the environment and such, there are some adverse effects of global warming. One is that since the climate will shift, many animals will suffer from not adjusting to the changes effectively, this could be catastrophic for plant and wildlife. Biodiversity will fall because species won’t be able to adapt to changes. Polar bears, birds, butterfly’s all face extinction over this. 

So, it’s obvious that climate change is a really bad thing occurring in our time. But what can we do about it? Many changes need to take place if we want to avoid humanity’s impending doom. Many scientists believe that we are close to a point of no return and that the changes are irreversible. So, it is essential that we do something about this quick. 5  Renewable energy is becoming an increasingly viable option for power. Although not cheap, it is getting better over the long term and it greatly combats the increase in greenhouse gases. Furthermore, fossil fuels are a finite resource, while renewable energy is much more innovative and generate energy from things like the sun, wind and water current, which is infinite. It’s also worth it to become more energy efficient. Like using better appliances so heat can’t escape form homes as easily, also it not only decreases carbon emissions, it also decreases the amount of money wasted on things like air conditioning and heating. Also, common sense things like turning things off that are not in use. Overall, it’s very important to strive to decrease to decrease your carbon emissions. Recyling more, producing less waste, fuel efficient cars all help towards making out world better. 

But many people speculate that these changes will have a bad affect towards our economic wellbeing. These people say that things like fossil fuels are way less costly and efficient than using solar or wind energy. Although this may be true during the short run, it would be to the benefit of everyone in the long run if we made these changes now. An increase in global warming would incur an increase in things like natural disasters, which would lower the economic wellbeing of many people. 

But sadly, these issues are not voice properly in popular media, so all attention given to this issue is very important. The best way for people to know about this to spread this through social media platforms, attend rallys and things like that. Because if we don’t nothing will really be changed. Our fates will be in the hands of fossil fuel companies. 

This video of an icecap falling easily shows you the reality of the situation.6  Ice is falling off at an very alarming rate and there is little that can be done about it unless word about this spreads. It shows how easily the ecosystem is disturbed and that it only gets worse form here. Dropping ice like that could slowly but surely increase sea levels so it can have some really bad effects like the releasing of more methane, de-salinizing the oceans, and increase the sea levels. All of these have very troubling effects. People globally will suffer due to the changes in the current circulation.  

It’s sad to see that many political figures are saying that global warming is a myth. 7  People like Donald Trump have said some ridiculous things, and this is one of them. Not only is he obviously misinformed about the situation, he is also morphing the minds of different people and setting a bad example. Fox news is making an under exaggeration when they talk about global warming. They push it aside saying how it’s not as bad as it seems. 8  This is not surprising for Fox news, but it is disturbing how many people are against trying to prevent a better world. It shows how businesses are very selfish and only care about profit regardless of the effects it has on the general population and the earth.  

But again, renewable resources is not a step towards a bad economy. Billionaire Elon Musk has made plenty of money from renewable and sustainable products. The technology only gets better with time and it will also improve how much energy we get from renewable resources. He makes major strides in things like electric cars, solar panels, giant lithium ion batteries to power thousands of homes. These homes use release no carbon dioxide, this type of energy creation is great, renewable, and it only gets better. There is no reason to not use it.  

Global warming is a real issue and it has some major impacts on the environment we live in, and the surround life it sustains. Climate change is real despite what people say. It is already having some major tolls on us living on earth and it will only continue to get worse unless we don’t do something about it. The solution is clear, simple and easy. But not everyone is on the same wagon to strive for such changes. The word needs to spread and save humanity from itself. 









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